Pika backup tool, what do you think about it?


I have just stumbled upon this backup tool: Pika.

It seems a good alternative to Deja Dup. I have tried to search for some information here on the forum but it seems that it has never been mentioned before.

I have received a lot of help here about how to backup and have been recommended: rescuezilla, Deja dup, TimeShift, manual backup ups, etc.

After several attempts, I have decided to save only my home folder and will reinstall the apps entirely for future release of Zorin OS. For the home directory, I am using Deja Dup, and also manually compressing my most important folders like document. I am keeping one backup on the computer, one backup on an external hard drive, and one online.

I was about to be "finally" settled about my backup management when I just heard about Pika and I was just wondering what more experient users think about it.

Right now, I am trying it and it is running in the background. At first glance, it seems to take more time than Deja Dup. The interface is intuitive. But the most important question is whether it is reliable.


Interesting .... I'd be interested to see if anyone on the forum has tried this also ..... always looking for a new back-up program ...... I'm still using Rescuezilla but open for new suggestions other than Timeshift or Deja Dup .....


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