Pin Office Icon to Dock

Hello, using Zorin Lite

How do I pin the MS Office to the dock (taskbar)?
I installed it as a Google Chrome browser app.
The icon shows in desktop but no option to pin.
Also when I open it, it shows correct icon on workspace but on dock it shows as second Google Chrome window.

Anyway to change this?
On Manjaro XFCE I was able to do it.
Here image:


Any help on this?

I do not understand what is going on here... The MS Office in question is a Chrome Browser Extension, not a desktop app?
I tried finding the extension in Chrome store but could not get it to appear in the search.

I think this isn't an extension but an installed website a.k.a. Progressive Web Application.

To pin it on the taskbar, right-click on the shortcut created on the desktop and select the option Open With "Create Launcher on the panel".


This will create the pinned icon on the taskbar:


But unfortunately a new instance of the browser will still show up. That's the part that I couldn't get to work.

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I did that but I cant move it to left to the dock taskbar where the other apps are.
Theres no optio to "pin to dock"


Just tried it out on Manjaro and the behavior is the nearly same, with the only difference that the PWA icon remains the "base" for the stack of instances of the browser. For example if you first launch the PWA and then a new browser window, it'll still show as the PWA:


I think this difference is probably because of the customization that ZorinOS applies on the default panel.

This is also explained by the customized panel. There's a "dock like taskbar" in there that's different and where program launchers go when you add then to favorites. The other one is just a regular xfce launcher, which is what Manjaro uses as well.

Maybe Aravisian can come by and shed some light on this but I don't think it's possible to stack the program instances mixed with launcher instances, not with the default panel at least.

If I install the ICE SSB from Peppermint OS?
Will ti work?

It is not possible with the Docklike Taskbar (Dockbarx) but programs can be stacked in regular panel launchers.

IN Manajro I have it like this:


Right, I meant mix launchers and "docked" programs.

I don't know this, but I don't think the issue is with lack of functionality but rather incompatibility with how ZorinOS has customized xfce to suit their style. You can always just try it out.

In my case it's the opposite about icons place, I'd like to add them to desktop but the option misses, that's where I want my games to be for fast access. By the way, at least to show only 1 icon per software this should be like on Core, so right-click the taskbar > Taskbar Settings > Behavior > Disable Do not group applications, sorry for possible difference in names or steps.

Are desktop shortcuts not working for you? You should open a new thread about it; desktop shortcuts should work on both Core and Lite edition.

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