Pine64 Tablet PineTab

Is there an estimated date when Zorin O.S. will run on this arm64 tablet ?

With Zorin OS 16 we’re planning to add ARM64 builds. We initially plan to support only Raspberry Pi devices however we may expand support to additional devices such as those by Pine at a later stage. The main challenge with ARM builds is that they usually require custom kernels and patches for each device model as very few devices are supported by the mainline Linux Kernel.

We expect regular Zorin OS 16 builds to be available closer to the end of this year however there is currently no exact ETA for the ARM/Raspberry Pi builds.

I am mainly a ‘GUI’ user,
but from what I do understand, the developers from Mobian (Mobile Debian) are ‘up-streaming’ to the Debian Linux kernel.
Zorin does have root connection to the Debian kernel ?
Currently my Pine phone has most functions working with the most recent nightly release of the Mobian operating system.

( I think there is a new download for the Pinebook Pro on the Debian website)

August 24, 2020
I mentioned Zorin OS on the Pine64 forum this evening :
The Founder TLlim responded, saying he “is looking forward to the collaboration” of porting Zorin to the PineTab.
Perhaps this could be the start of something ?