Pinephone mobile and Zorin

Hello. Anyone wondering if you can using Zorin on Pinephone mobile?
I have old mobile and in future thinking about this moibile. Anyone have with this mobile experience ?

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You might find this article informative:

“We are very pleased to announce that the PinePhone will ship with Plasma Mobile on a Manjaro ARM base from this point on. We have a long-standing relationship with Manjaro and KDE Community, and both projects have supported us and our efforts since the dawn of PINE64,”

I do not think you can install other Linux distro on it. At least not that easily.


Pretty sure it won't run. You can only run specific OSs developed for the mobile interfaces on them. Also the OS must support the CPU architecture.


The zorin group has heard requests for an arm version, and to my knowledge, are considering and even working on a version for that architecture. That said, there is no easy path to put zorin on an arm mobile device. Is it possible, yes. There is a member of this forum who has done it. It is really involved and beyond the average ability of most users, so not recommended. The Zorin's will announce through the newsletter and Twitter any and all architectures they choose to support.


Pinephone Pro. Next version

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