Ping shows operation not permitted


Are you using a vpn?

no i am not

This might give you some idea:

networking - Ping: sendmsg: operation not permitted error after installing iptables on Arch GNU/Linux - Server Fault 32

The error message:

Ping: sendmsg: operation not permitted

means that your server is not allowed to send ICMP packets. You need to allow your server to send traffic via one or more of the configured interfaces.

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this seemed to work. however i have no idea what this iptable is and didn't configure it before. Wonder why this error started occuring in the first place. thanks anyway though!


As I've never had this error before, I am afraid I do not have an answer to this question.
@Aravisian do you know anything about this?

@Infntelights You have a firewall configured?

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no i do not

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If the iputils package had a corruption or error; it could cause the above message. I am assuming the O.P. already ran sudo apt install --reinstall iputils-ping?

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