Pings every 5 minutes

Heya, I recently discovered Zorin OS and tried it on my old PC. However, I noticed something since privacy is very important to me.

Why does Zorin OS send pings to your servers every 5 minutes on a newly installed OS? During Zorin OS installation, I opted out of the census, but I still see pings. I even checked if the ‘zorin-os-census’ package was installed or not. I also installed the package and then uninstalled it with ‘–purge,’ but there was no change.

I couldn’t find any census files in the cron folders (etc… cron.d, /daily/hourly/monthly/weekly).

The main concern is the IP, which corresponds to the domain

Here are the captures I found with Wireshark:

How can I disable these?

Edit: I am using the newest Zorin OS Core with the NVIDIA Drivers from the Install process on Wayland.

You have a lot of other software that might have permissions to gather location information or some other thing. I don't know what it is but you have location information for weather, mapping, and cookies. Again, I don't know what it might be. This is a forum made up of volunteers trying to help users.

This looks like it's the network connectivity checker, which seems to be pre-installed on a lot of Linux distros I tried.

Zorin gives you the ability to turn it off if you want though. Just open the Settings app and go to the Privacy section and click the Connectivity Checking switch to disable it.