Pinta has been updated to 2.1

Much improved icons.

There's still a bug where anything other than the stock mouse cursor flips. Must be a Zorin bug. Too bad cuz I'd rather have a white cursor.

Using Zorin Pro 16.2 and installed this ^^ version from Flatpak:
Stock mouse cursor did not flip - must be a problem with the Core version you're use.
Or is there a special function you use in Pinta and then the cursor flips?

Stock cursor is the only one I tried that doesn't flip.

Try Whiteglass cusor in Tweaks, edit a photo, then move to the toolbar. Flips to pointing right.

Hm... nope - it shows allways to the left:

Flips for me on two different Dells. Zorin Core?

Installed a fresh Zorin Core 16.2, Pinta 2.1 from Flatpak and used mouse cusor white glass, but... shows allway to left:

Flips for me on two different Dells and one Lenovo. Go figger. The stock cursor is OK, I guess. A long as I enlarge it.

There's a new bug. When I drag and drop a file from Pictures it gives me an error message even tho it opens. Never did that before.

You mean that "unsupported format" using Drag&Drop to open a picture - right?
Tested with Ubuntu 22.04 & 22.10, Zorin 16.2 Core & Pro - I get the same message with Pinta 2.1 from Snap Store and Flatpak.
Using Pinta 1.6 from ubuntu-focal-universe (installed using software center) it works without any error message.

Seams to be an issue with Pinta 2.1:

Yeah, hope they fix it. The Gnome file picker stinks. Fixed in GNOME 44.

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