PipeWire vs. PulseAudio

I've got both PipeWire and PulseAudio running on my system... it's got to be the default, since I've never messed with the sound subsystem.

I think it's time to bite the bullet and move fully over to PipeWire... are there any caveats in doing so?

Pipewire is literally PulseAudio rewritten. Personally, I would bite a bigger bullet and go allout with ALSA! :wink:

PipeWire is for more than just audio.
PipeWire is a project that aims to improve the handling of audio and video under Linux. It offers a low-latency processing engine that can handle use cases currently handled by PulseAudio and JACK (and ALSA). It has a powerful security model that makes it easy to interact with audio and video devices from containerized applications, with support for Flatpak applications being the primary goal.

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