Place to save screenshot

Can anyone tell me where the screenshot settings are? I would like the file to be saved somewhere other than the default ones.

Just for our information, are you running zorin 17 or zorin lite 16.3? Also what application are you using for your screenshots? The built in ones or something else?

Agreed that knowing which version of Zorin you are using would definitely help us determine how to best help you.

For instance, if you have Zorin 16, or 17 CORE, and it's a fresh install without modifications to which screenshot tool is installed... you will probably be using gnome-screenshot or gdm-screenshot. There's also a chance you might see something called Totem on your version of Zorin.

In that case, I do too and I can tell you that my screenshots are stored in the ~/$USER/Pictures/Screenshots folder. That "Screenshots" folder is automatically created when we take a screenshot. Tested and reproduced just now to be sure by deleting my /home/$USER/Pictures/Screenshots folder, and then taking a screenshot to find the folder reappearing with a new file inside.

If you are using Zorin LITE, under the same conditions mentioned above, you might have another location than what the Core users see. If I remember correctly, Lite comes pre-installed with the Shutter screenshot tool. There seems to be some consensus that the default save location for the screenshots taken using the Shutter application is the .../Pictures folder as well. While I would love to test this for you as done above, I cannot because I don't use Lite. So it sounds like your screenshots would be at least in the Pictures folder, if not a new Screenshots folder therein.

If there are some "Preferences" in our screenshot tools (Shutter,Totem,etc.) somewhere, I have yet to find them, but I bet adjusting the settings accordingly might allow you to change the default save location.

So far, I've tried looking in the screenshot tool itself, as well as with the tool dconf-editor without success in determining how to find preferences for our tools. It seems to be a custom Zorin plugin/extension in this case, but it's gotta be hidden if so because I can't find it in my extensions folders.

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