Places indicator as resizable icon

Screenshot from 2024-01-19 11-38-05
The little star is my Places' indicator status extension, So how can I resize this icon to blend with other icons in taskbar...


Find it in your icon theme folder and resize it with inkscape. PLaces in the theme folder would be a good start to look at.

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Where should I put the path line?

let label = new St.Icon({
icon_name: 'bookmarks-48',
style_class: 'system-status-icon',

Try with actions or places.

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I did that but when I try to use

style_class: 'system-status-icon'

the icon is in 16x16
Screenshot from 2024-01-19 15-57-05

and when I remove that line, the Icon is a little larger than others
Screenshot from 2024-01-19 15-58-26

As I recall, icons on the taskbar have a padding around them so that may be the difference between the application/favorite icons and the one you're trying to modify.

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IDK how to handle that

I'm afraid I don't either, it's just something that I remembered that might explain why is showing like that. If you go to Zorin Apperance -> Interface -> Taskbar Settings -> Position tab, and increase the panel thickness you will see that not all icons increase in size, only the Zorin Menu and the favorites or running programs. But the activities overview, for example, remains the same and only the space around it increases.

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I am using Gnome layout, and I don't have any problem with that, everything is just fine, I guess I need to wait for the Places' extension developers, maybe they decide to add this functionality

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