Plank Problems

Anyone know of a better taskbar add-on other than Plank .... I'm having some real problems with this app like I click on the Plank icon and nothing shows up ..... I have no way of changing anything on it or moving and deleting icons .... nothing seems to work .... time to try something else ?????? .... I'm using Zorin 16.2 with the Cinnamon desktop ....

Hm, I've not used Plank in Zorin yet.. When you installed, did you install libplank-common with it?

Icons - with other distros I've used it with, some launchers are dead - right click, remove, then open the apps I want to stay there, right click and select 'keep in panel' or similar verbiage like that.

Which is kind of surprising for me not to Mac theme my Zorin desktop.. that's like, the first thing I usually do. Except Zorin, doesn't feel right.. somehow lol

You can get a context menu on Plank with Ctrl + Right-click, Preferences, Behavior, Lock Icons - has an indicator box for on /off. That may be on.. preventing you from making changes.

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At one time (Prior to my making the journey to Linux) there were a lot of great alternative docks.
Plank was one. AWN another. Cairo Dock is a favorite of mine. Though it is unsupported today, it still works.
Over time, support for them just fell away... Today, you can only get these alternatives as Extensions.


If you like a Mac dock for the look try Simdock or Docky ..... both can be found on the web like here ......

This was published in 2019 but according to other sites I visited the list is still current today ..... just my not be supported ..... use any at your own risk .....

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I use Plank with Gnome because its prettier after customization. But you must use the X-org session - it doesn't work with Wayland.

Users may not know that:

  1. Plank has installable themes. There are only a few (and not very attractive) themes with the default install. Many better Plank themes can be found on, and:

  2. Every Plank theme is customizable. There is a file dock.theme inside the Plank theme folder that allows customization. Things you can't do with dash-to-dock, like gradients. You can rename your customized themes for portability.


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