Planning to upgrade memory. Preparation needed?

I am planning to upgrade the memory of my laptop. The upgrade is from 4GB to 8GB, DDR3 memory. I might buy it 2 or 3 weeks later. In the meantime, I wanna ask something.

Is there any specific preparation that I need to do before upgrading the memory??

You mean software wise? No.
But if you buy multiply RAM sticks make sure they come in pair. Like 4x2 or 8x2

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Is it okay to keep the Swap partition to the original size(2 times size of 4GB memory)?? Or do I need to readjust it after I upgrade the memory??

Can't say (I let someone else answer that), as I use swapfile. I got 32GB ram in my machine, but I doubt I need the double in swap if I had a /swap.


It's okay. I'm not in hurry actually. I just want to be careful and aware before changing and upgrading the hardware because I've never done something like this neither on Windows or Linux.

Just be careful with static electricity. You should de-electricfy youself before messing with electronics.


I suggest you remove the battery before doing this. That removes the static electricity. I know from experience when I upgraded from 8GB to 16GB.

Oh, and you probably don't need to modify the swap file.

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Biggest cause of static electricity is synthetic clothing.
So don't wear nylon when repairing PC's. :zap:
Memory should be delivered in an anti-static (metalised) bag. Keep it in there until you have grounded yourself, preferably using a wrist strap and cord to a water pipe or other known good earth point. At least touch yourself to such an earth point before removing/adding memory or any other tinkering under the hood of your PC.


Other than those, it'll work just fine, right?? Is there another specific adjustment when it comes to upgrading/changing hardware in Linux??

Not really, you would insert your RAM stick into the slot. I would also advise you to check if the RAM stick that you're purchasing is compatible with your laptop. In this case, if you're using a laptop, you would need to buy a SODIMM RAM (the shorter RAM stick) and make sure you pick the correct RAM speed (e.g. The RAM stick's speed I installed in my computer was 2666 MHz). I believe you can determine this by looking up your processor information (type your processor's name - you can find it in the about section in system settings) online and jumping to the memory section.

There are plenty of guides to installing RAM in your laptop on the Internet if you need it.

Oh, and once you've installed your RAM, the power button will flash for a while, this is because the system is checking the newly installed RAM stick. If the power button stops flashing and the system boots normally, it means the system has accepted it (you can check in 'Resources' in the system monitor or install GNOME Usage). If the system constantly beeps, then the RAM stick is not compatible with your system.

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I've checked it using CPU-Z through my Win10(I have CPU-X in Zorin OS, but it's not as detail as CPU-Z). More or less, this is the info that I got:
Screenshot 2022-08-09 133508
Screenshot 2022-08-09 193724

Actually, it's my first time hearing about this. It kinda makes me nervous and scared :sweat_smile:

It's actually not as scary as it seems. Trust me. I've been through worse.

I'm not sure about new machines but on older ones it is best to use the same type as already installed unless you are replacing the existing .... ex: if you have 4 RAM slots and 2 are being used choose the same type RAM as already installed .... if you have only 2 slots and are replacing both no need to worry as long as your machine can handle the increase ....

On new machines someone mentioned it doesn't matter as long as the spec's are the same .... but I can't swear to that .....

It isn't scary replacing RAM .... I have always used rubber gloves (the medical kind) so as not to get oil on computer parts .... also helps with static electricity .....

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Okay, so the conclusions based what I've gathered in here are:

  1. I don't need to modify or readjust Swap File partition;
  2. I need to buy the same type of RAM to the one that I already have(whether it's the manufacture or brand, speed, and size); and
  3. I must de-electrify myself to prevent static electricity when installing the RAM.

I will appreciate if someone could confirm this.

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I'm pretty sure that's correct.

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I put the information yout cpu-z in qwant browser in phone and found this:|pcrid|74766809890996|kword||match||plid||slid||pid|CS27515|&CMP=KNC-MUK-CPC-SHOPPING&s_kwcid=AL!8472!10!74766809890996!4578366422354183

When working on desktop pc I earth myself by first touching metal side cover. For notebook, touch cold radiator.


Thank you so much for everyone that has been answering my questions. All of your tips and suggestions are helpful.

There is no planning in upgrading memory. It's Like a Dream for every one to constantly get new memory sticks.

If you wan't to upgrade to 8 GB get to 4 GB sticks and you will find the holder and the previous sticks as soon as you open the back panel of your laptop.

Use this Guide to upgrade your sticks yourself :smiley:


Sorry but I beg to differ .... on my Acer they along with the CMOS battery are UNDER the mother board .... with no opening on the back of the case .... to replace the CMOS battery I had to completely remove the MB and there were my sticks of RAM ... it was a PITA project ..... believe me


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