Playing CDs in Zorin 16.3 Core

When trying to play CDs, I get the notice that "Could not play display Video_TS.BUP" so I cannot play any of my CDs. Is there anything I can do to be able to do these, thanks.

Can you please launch terminal and run:

sudo apt install libdvd-pkg ubuntu-restricted-extras

and see if that helps resolve the issue?

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Yes, thank you that did it.

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While the above command did work for some CDs, it did not work for all. Please see the attachment. The needed resource was not found in software packages. Thanks.
Could not make another attachment, but this is what the error said: "Unable to play the file VCD protocol source is required to play the file, but is not installed."

That is a pretty old format...
If you are using VLC player, then you might check in its settings for a checkbox for SVCD/VCD.
I think mplayer includes it by default.

I have MPV Player installed
Would love to have VLC, but the WI-FI signal where I live is so low that I can't download it. Same thing for MPlayer, but will keep trying. If I get up early enough, the signal might be adequate. Is there any way I could copy the CD and put it to file? I tried drag and drop, but that did not work and there is no option I can see to "send to". Yes the formats are pretty old, gosh I'm 78 myself. Anyway, just trying to get my CDs digital and place them on my PC anyway I can. Thanks.

You might be able to use Sound Juicer application to "rip" the CD contents in a format you can save on your computer.

I am no where near 78 years old... Though if you talk to me long enough, you easily could be convinced that I am (History and artifact buff).
I was alive when we changed from cassette tapes to CD's.

And I never understood the change. Sure, with CD's it was a lot easier to skip ahead to the next track. But CD's get damaged just sitting there. They degrade quickly even from just humidity in the air.
You could throw cassette tapes at people, drop them from the roof, get them wet and dry them out, force them out of the dogs mouth...

Ha, ya, I was alive in the black and white days when all we had was radio. Fireside chats from Roosevelt and such.
Ok, I will try to download the Juicer. I did see it in the Software.
The next big thing will be neural transfer of data direct to the brain. Hope you are alive then.

I will be banned from the product, since it is highly likely that my brain would corrupt the system.

I Still have some cassettes on The Shadow radio shows...

One of my favorite lines from the movie Cars was, "Hey Doc! Come look at this fellow on the radio. He looks just like you."

I am an avid Plomb tool collector: My mentor was in the U.S. Army back when the cavalry still had horses.

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