Playing dvd videos on an external USB drive

My Lenovo laptop (Ideapad 3i) does not have a built in cd/dvd drive. I bought an external DVD drive that mounts via USB. When I put a DVD into the drive, the video's title will show up in Files and on VLC but I can't get it to play. (hitting play button on VLC).

Any thoughts? I have noticed that in the Files window Brasero is displayed in the upper right corner. Does Zorin think that dvd/videos are to be opened in Brasero? Even so, if I have opened VLC, see the disc title listed there, why can't I get VLC to play it?

Thanks for all feedback.

You may need:

sudo apt install libdvd-pkg libdvdread7


Yippee!! Thanks so very much Aravisian! You are the MAN! That worked right away. So glad to be able to play dvds on my laptop now.

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I did install the libdvd-pkg and VLC does work to play dvds. However I did experience some glitches - 'freezes' in play have occurred. Those resolved - somehow - so I have now downloaded mvp player just to see if that is less glitchy with playback.

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