Playing DVD's in Zorin OS 17,1 on a MacPro3,1

I have just installed Zorin OS17,1 on my old MacPro 3,1 and it has two CD/DVD drives. I have downloaded VLC and tried that and the included Videos app but neither will open and play a commercial DVD. The disc is detected but when I try to open it I get a message saying that an Mpeg-2 Demuxer is required. I installed one of these but no joy. I also got a message saying I was trying to play an encrypted DVD without Libdvdscc. I found the following for Ubuntu but do you think this will work in Zorin?
sudo apt install libdvd-pkg
sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg
Any other suggestions please?

If it works in Ubuntu, works in Zorin.

I would start with the commands you posted having used them before. Zorin is Ubuntu based and shares most repositories.

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