Playing Encased on Zorin

I very obviously don't know what I'm doing but I tried to cleanup my babble in a thread posted by Storm entitled "Top 3 Favorite Games On Zorin OS" ..... as usual I high-jacked the thread with my opinion of the game Ecased and the problems I was having with it .... so as I caused the problem I tried to remedy it with the few tools at my disposal ....

If anyone would like to delete my posts in the original post by Storm I would greatly appreciate it .... that way the thread can continue as it should .....

Mr. Storm I hope you don't mind if I quoited your posts over here with mine so it would make a little bit more sense rather than just quoiting mine ....

Anyway for what it's worth .....

Before I add new content anymore to this thread I will wait until I here the opinions of others ....

I just use point'n'click. except for camera.

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Well the game is interesting to say the least ..... once you get used to it that is .... it reminds me a lot of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game series and another series that I can't quite place my finger on .... radiation ... artifacts and anomalies and plenty of bad guys .... but you just can't run and gun cause you have to think and search a lot ... a whole lot ....

The hardest thing for me to get used to is the "you take a shot .... I take a shot and then they take a shot" all in rotation .... in the beginning of the game when you don't have much AP it is almost impossible to take someone down with out taking damage .... I discovered early that I could do that much easier with a hammer in close quarters than a shotgun at 20 paces .... only took 2 or tops 3 with the hammer .... :grinning: ..... by the way I'm playing as a psionic character also but with low AP my psychic power is not very strong .... I'm better off with the carpenters hammer ... :nerd_face:

Anyway I made it through Nashville and am heading into the cavern below Nashville to find the artifact and anomaly .... wish me luck .... I'm going in .... :roll_eyes: :grinning:

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Seems you're further than me in the process. But I have a billions games I play. But I found out that Engineer is more interesting to play than Psionic build.

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How you can be hacked.


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Thank you sir ..... sometimes I get carried away and stray from the path of the OP which makes it hard for the people that are interested in the original topic to follow .... :face_exhaling:

Under is post games Linux 2022

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Windows 10 Compact vs Nobara Linux side-to-side on Stray - YouTube interesting

Today I played Path of Exile and not working properly on Zorin.
I don't know but playing a games isn't so good.
I don't know because the drivers or something else.
Used on top that command and will testing if will be better.

Directx 12 working very nice.

CrossCode free demo linux a game.
CrossCode by Radical Fish Games

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