Playing videos on Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 is laggy

Hi! When I play videos in VLC it looks weird (take a look at pic) and when I play it in other player that comes with Zorin and I put it in full screen, it is laggy :confused:

Hi, The default compositor on Zorin is now Wayland. When you select your username at login you should see a cog towards bottom right of your screen. Click on the cog and change it to Zorin desktop on xorg and see if videos play better. If not, then it could be a driver issue or you need to install restricted (propritary) codecs.

I changed it, it did not work

See if following Aravisian's Tutorial resolves the issue:

Primarily restricted extras.

Did that. Doesn't work...

Please open a terminal and enter:

sudo lshw -C video

and post back results please.

Do you have VLC as Flatpak or .deb installed? Do You have installed the Codecs from the Gnome Software Store?

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description: VGA compatible controller
product: Intel Corporation
vendor: Intel Corporation
physical id: 2
bus info: pci@0000:00:02.0
logical name: /dev/fb0
version: 01
width: 64 bits
clock: 33MHz
capabilities: pciexpress msi pm vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom fb
configuration: depth=32 driver=i915 latency=0 mode=1920x1080 visual=truecolor xres=1920 yres=1080
resources: iomemory:600-5ff iomemory:400-3ff irq:136 memory:6000000000-6000ffffff memory:4000000000-400fffffff ioport:3000(size=64) memory:c0000-dffff memory:4010000000-4016ffffff memory:4020000000-40ffffffff

VLC came with the OS from the store. I do have, majority of them installed.

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When you visit the Store, there is usually a drop-down arrow to view other types of packages. For best results use the Zorin APT one if available.

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I just had to go to VLC -> Go to Tools ⇾ Preferences. And in the Input/Codecs settings, disable the option for Hardware Accelerated Decoding. Save it and restart VLC. You should not see the green lines anymore. - AND IT WORKS!!!


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