Please add the virtual desktop


I am testing Zorin and I love it. I would maybe jump from Linux Mint to Zorin but some basic features do not work like this one :

On all OS (Windows, Mac, other linux), there is a virtual desktop feature with a zidget in the task bar which allows to switch from one virtual desktop to another one.

Would you please strongly consider to add it in Zorin ? It would be very great :slight_smile:

I appreciate your help for improvement

It's already available.

I think I added always displayed button with gnome-tweaks.

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Neither Windows nor Most Linux distros come with a Virtual Desktop in the Taskbar (Panel).

I believe you are referring to the Workspace Switcher (wnck-pager) - and this is present in Zorin OS and is default on the panel in Zorin OS Lite.


AGREED, they have got to be talking about the Workspace Switcher.

I never once heard in my life an operating system coming with a virtual machine APP built into the OS itself. The most I've ever heard, is that a VM APP was included in an OS for us.

And even then, most OS's don't come with VM APP at all.

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