Please allow different programs to have their different unique name in menu shortcut

(similar to the recent: suggestion-to-rename-application-shortcuts-for-clarity)

While not exactly the same target app case as the recent post I reference above, I agree that shortcut naming needs a UI upgrade for clarity.

In my case, I do not like the native Zorin Core Nautilus file manager.
It has the app shortcut name of "Files" and a generic file folder icon.
I added the Nemo file manager, which I prefer because it has a better consistency with date and time in the date column. None of the stupid hour-minute only or relative-days silliness that seems to have taken hold recently.
BUT, the installed name of the new Nemo file manager on the menu is ... "Files" --exactly the same as the old existing Nautilus file manager I wish to avoid. And the icon is also generic file folder icon.
Why make it so that different programs use the exact same name (shortcut) and icon? Forcing the user to guess which is the preferred tool.

I think this is a case where the rule should apply: Things should be as simple as possible but no simpler.
That is, don't decide for me that every file manager tool will end up using the same one-word menu name (shortcut) of "Files".

(I started this as a comment on the above Software update shortcut name topic, but think maybe I should create a new separate topic, so here it is.)

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For the Icon Theme you use, you can create or download the icon files and add them into that themes apps directory with the name nemo.svg if it is an .svg or nemo.png if it is a .png file and this will give the Nemo Icon for the system to use and differentiate them.

Ensure that the /usr/share/applications/nemo.desktop file shows the Display Name as "Nemo" instead of "Files"


Just a side comment. Yes it is confusing and from memory one time after I installed Thunar, it too became 'Files' in the menu. You can thank (:- >) the Gnome devs for that!

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I changed the Name to Nautilus because I like to have the Name of it directly. So, I opened the Terminal and typed:
sudo nano /usr/share/applications/org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop

There You see at the Beginning a Line Name=Files. I changed that to Name=Nautilus and so I have the Name Nautilus on the File Manager.

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That worked for me except I replaced Nautilus with Nemo ...... now it says Files (nemo) and Files (nautilus) ..... pretty slick ..... thanks

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