Please allow to move the application in the bottom taskbar


I am testing Zorin and I love it. I would maybe jump from Linux Mint to Zorin but some basic features do not work like this one :

I am using a lots of application and with Ms Windows, Mac and Linux Mint Cinnamon, I am moving the application to match to my preferences.
For instance, I move all chat application (Signal, Telegram, Mail) on the left of the task bar.

I cannot move the applications with Zorin, so I am lost and I need lots of time to identify where is my application in the task bar.

I appreciate your help for improvement

You can Right Click on the Zorin Taskbar and choose Taskbar settings. This will open a Popup Window with a large variety of settings - including repositioning items on the taskbar.

In addition to this, you can do as I and many others have and install Cinnamon - a familiar Desktop Environment - onto Zorin OS

sudo apt install cinnamon cinnamon-desktop-environment

Cinnamon runs blazing fast without bogging down over time on Zorin OS.


Thanks a lot Aravision for your answer.

I don't see the option "repositioning items on the taskbar". I would love to find it !

I had no idea that we could so simply install cinnamon so easily. I will strongly think about using it !!! Thanks

PS : I am a Cinnamon user from more than 5 years...

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You may have an easier time of installing Cinnamon than sorting out that Taskbar Settings Window. :expressionless:
I tried learning the Gnome Extension for taskbar settings and something exploded. Either my brain or my computer, I cannot tell which.


I think I spotted a Cinnamon agent recruiting a new user in Zorin forum :crazy_face:

Oh... so much for my conspirational theory. :disappointed:


It's a new thing. You didn't get the memo?

Retroactive recruiting.


Aravisian is right. FrenchPress, we are now requiring new Zorin OS users to put their Cinnamon desktop's over their Zorin cores, didn't you get the memo?

Also, were going to have to have you come in on Saturday, we lost a moderator, and we got a heavier workload, and we just need you to pick up the slack. So if you can do that, that would be great!

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Is this not a typo with 2 times cinnamon?

It is not. The first installs base Cinnamon files, the second installs the Cinnamon Desktop Package files. It may be redundant but I have learned in several attempts that it is the better way than relying entirely on just sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment


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