Please fix - The new Zorin-15 update broke tablet screen auto-rotation

Seems like the new Zorin15 update broke the auto-rotation of my surface go. Don't know if it's just my machine or if it's for all similar devices with a tablet function. This makes so that if I rotate my device the screen doesn't.

I'm just waiting for the direct upgrade to Zorin 16 anyway, but it would be neat have auto rotation until then.

I could use ubuntu touch switch. (upgrading via USB doesn't work for med with zorin16 on this device.)

Did you see this thread on here: Auto display rotation issue

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No! I did not!

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But this is a different auto-rotation. I have a surface which is like a 2/1 laptop or like a tablet. And earlier if I've rotated it be vertically the desktop would switch to a vertical desktop desktop mode.

this type of auto rotation doesn't work anymore after the newest zorin15 update

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Do you know if the update that broke your rotation was a Linux kernel update. If it was, you may be able to roll back to the previous kernel and see if that helps.


Yes, most likely we need to roll back the kernel to something older.


i will try

If you need more information as to how to select older kernel, this may help;


Thanks a lot! :smiley:

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