Please help me install HP Linux Printing and Imaging!

I am trying to install HP-LIP on my laptop. The only apps I can download from this site HP Developers Portal | Version: 3.21.8 do not have a ZorinOS package.

I was able to download a file but I don't know how to execute it. I tried copy pasting it in the Terminal but it says invalid. It also does not open in the PlayOnLinux application.

As far as I know, Zorin OS comes with hplip natively. Try and install the hplip-gui.
sudo apt install hplip-gui


Exactly. The ones from the HP website will default to looking for "Ubuntu" in the lsb_release file and must be modified to look fo Zorin OS in order to be installed. While this is very easy to do... It's needless. Just install Hplip from terminal.


As hplip is built in to Zorin, I suggest you connect your printer (I prefer to use USB cable), turn it on, then go to Settings (on right side of Start menu)and find Printers. Your printer should have been 'discovered' by Zorin, and will list printer model etc. If listed, printer should work. Otherwise, restart your laptop with printer on, and it should then be listed. Regarding scanning, look in Start Menu and you will find 'Document Scanner' under Utilities heading.

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Exactly. I just installed Zorin 16 on a new hard drive. Didn't even have to go to the hp website for drivers. It picked up my wireless printer automatically.

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