Please, I need help with a basic thing: Zorin Clipboard History

I've had Zorin-OS 16 then Zorin Pro for six weeks after switching from Windows 10. For the most part, I've adjusted and learned as I've used it for work but I don't really have time to really explore its features, at least not yet.

One thing I haven't caught the hang of is using the clipboard. In W10, clipboard history was a standard feature. I used it for work dozens of times a day. When I look up how to find such a feature in Zorin, I've only been able to find apps that will do it.

Is there an onboard clipboard history in Zorin? If not, what app and build of he app do I install? I don't have the hang of installing apps from a downloaded file, yet. That is to say, I've only done it once, and can't recall how to command it. I need my time for my actual work.

I do miss the clipboard history and the point-and-click install in W10. It surprises me that such time-saving features are missing in Zorin Pro.

I do realize this is an extremely simple problem, but I've found with Zorin that it's the simplest things that usually cause the biggest snags. Everyone assumes they're already known and they're never a topic in support groups or on tutorials.

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On Zorin OS Lite, clipboard history is managed by ClipMan, which comes by default with the XFCE desktop.
Cinnamon desktop also comes with a clipboard manager. I was a little bit (But only a little bit) surprised to learn today that Gnome comes with No Clipboard Manager at all. Gnome touts atself as being professional and for developers, after-all. So, I figured this most basic of all features must be included.


You can install and use clipit easily. ctrl+alt+t to open a terminal:

sudo apt install -y clipit

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Yes, yet another example of how Gnome removes features that never needed to be removed. They simply removed them because they felt like it, makes no rhyme or reason.

Thats pretty much what you have to do, either APPS or EXTENSIONS are what you use to bring more features into Gnome.

Installation of extensions for first timers is always the same. You see notification top of screen to install the gnome browser integration, install it. Then at that same link I provided, click the toggle button on the right side to install the extensions itself.

A popup will come up to ask you to confirm installation of extensions, by all means confirm it. You can then access your installed Extensions from the extensions menu. Click Zorin logo :zorin: bottom of screen, type Extensions.

Additionally, you could also install the Gnome Tweaks from the Software Store, which is an awesome tweaking APP, that also allows you to access your installed extensions and config them too.



Thanks, I have that loaded now. Clipit does have most of the features I need. A big improvement over having no control over it. I'll need to compare it to other clipboard apps.

What's the difference between an app and an extension? I know my browser has extensions, which aren't separate apps as such, but how that can be a distinction in an OS?

Anyway, your suggestion solves the problem for now. I'm looking for improvements now. Something better.

This is a very good question....

You may try exploring some of these: Be Mindful to check if any Linux Project is Still Maintained...;

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Install KDE (Plasma) - the clipboard manager is brilliant!

Open a terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get install kde-full

Then when you login, go to the cog bottom right and select Plasma.

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