Please update git version

I am using zorin to learn programming. The git version should be at least more 2.28 if we are to use main as default branch instead of master (which is no longer prefered).

"sudo apt-get install git" command installs 2.25.1

P.S I have tried a lot of linux distros for my 10 year old laptop (Toshiba Sattelite C850 core i3) and Zorin is by far the only Linux distro that uses less cpu. My laptop is very silent now. Zorin is amazing. I think I have found the best Linux distro. Hopefuly there will be no more distro hopping. Thank you to all the great developors behind Zorin OS.


You can use a ppa to install a higher version of git, fortunately:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:git-core/ppa

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Should do the trick.

thank you, my friend. good solution. :+1:


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