Pling GMBH affiliates Libre Publishing

Many of you know that in trying to learn these systems, I also began creating (rather novice and in much need of improvment) themes. As well as icon sets.
As I learned more and developed, I have been able to improve the quality and decrease the size of themes. I uploaded these for all to enjoy on Pling / Libre publishing.

I have been monitoring multiple irregularities in Plings download counts. As well as how they conduct payout.

You see, those of us that create themes and upload them to, get paid.
Pennies per download, mind you… But we do get a small payment. My average is only about $15 per month.
I recently uploaded quite a few new original themes and have been making Mate Gnome themes lately. These, by far, garner the most downloads.
The original payout on that was significantly higher than my average, coming over $27. Yet, compare the two numbers, there…

Then, all download counts on the Mate themes became unviewable. Transparency removed, I could no longer see them. I could see XFCE themes I uploaded and their count. And Cinnamon… Which… strangely… was about 1/10 the normal downloads… But not Mate Gnome- the highest.
When I went to Payout Page, it claimed my downloads were far lower than normal- in spite of me recently uploading Three New Original Themes and one Revamped Copperdeck. In spite of multiple new and expanded Icon sets.
Needless to say, a rocket scientist is not required to figure this one out.

I have pulled all products, icon sets and themes. I will no longer be providing the creations I used to offer due to Plings tactics. It’s not about the money (or token money… LOL). It is about Honor.


People never want to pay your credit due, its more about how they can use you, to make them money. And who does that remind you of? Yep, the green pustual that is Microsoft.