Pluto AI for Zorin OS (test)

This assistant is powered by Google Gemini, and it's also free! As of now, this is my own version of AI in Zorin OS, and it requires Python for it to work. Here are some screenshots:

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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To be honest: I'm very sceptical about this AI Stuff. Some People say it will support and make the Life easier ... But for me it only looks that it is for People who don't think by himself/herself. I know, that are harsch Words but when I see that Pupils for Example don't really learn and use this Tools to let them make her Homework ...

Don't understand me wrong. I use AI, too. I use DeepL. But in this Format it is different. These Speech- and Picture-AI Programs ... Where do the Picture-AI's get the Pictures? They were feeding with Picture-Data. But ask anybody the Copyright Owners that they can use it? Mostly not I think.

And the Speech Stuff isn't better. When You get Information's that are not right or in the worst Case Fake News it is for me not very ... reliable. And when the People try to let the AI program Viruses it could be dangerous too.

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These image and speech-based AI programs... where do they get their source material? They're trained on vast amounts of data, but did anyone ask the original creators if their work could be used? I suspect not in most cases.

I guess for Gemini (the model it is based on), it sometimes gathers information from Google. And no, this is not some image generating model. I refuse to let it be like that.

I reading they are backdoor to collect your information.
The new feature, called "memory", works in two ways. First, you can instruct ChatGPT to remember specific details about you, such as your JavaScript coding preferences, your boss's name, or go a step further and say that you're allergic to peanuts. Thanks to "memory", ChatGPT can gradually gather information about the user during the conversation, effectively building its "memory" to use when answering questions.

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I'm sure that the whole Stuff collects Data. I would wonder if not. I think it collect all what You give it as a Input to train the AI. So the Company don't need to feed the AI by himself/herself. The User's make it by themself. It is practical for the Developers. And when the Developers have the Data ... who knows for what it is good for.

Any developer wants to collect data. This is nothing new and is not necessarily malicious.

Malicious data-gethering is performed when a party secretly gathers your personal data in order to sell it, without any ethical considerations, to any third party buyer.

Data gathering itself is not only normal, but also kind of necessary. You need to know how many users you have (demand) so that you know what server capacity you need.
It is most likely that malicious data gathering began when companies collected data in an unregulated way and incidentally gathered superfluous information along with the information that they valued. Instead of deleting the surplus, someone got the brilliant idea of "Maybe we could sell it hee hee..." and a new internet threat emerged from what was originally benign and helpful.

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Hello @Aravisian. Good day i wish you and all folks!
Yes i know the all collect some data but I am not afraid that if they help them to Zorin will be better operating system or another.
But i mostly using linux because a life is simplify.

You are correct about that.

As for if it collects data, then no. It's in Python.