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Do you agree that the next version of Zorin OS should be based on Ubuntu 23.10? I am asking this because the next version of Zorin OS will be based on Ubuntu 22.04 which does not bring the new action center and many missing features that we will have to wait another two years to get a new version! If this idea is good, let's create a developer community like on Windows with Release Preview, Beta, Dev and Canary channels to test new features we can test, so new features should be released more quickly with an update like Windows 11 22H2 or a new version! As for the licenses that I propose, but still up to this moment, you have to buy only once if it's not bad, that is, if you bought for the respective version so that it can be activated on future versions as well! If this would apply, please create an activator to activate it with a key after you bought it, because since the first day of Zorin OS 16's release, ISO images have been leaked on the web, so huge losses were recorded.What about those who don't want to activate it, please don't be able to customize the desktop until it is activated! If I do the Pro version, it should be a free download! If it can't be developed, let it stay that way, and if it stays that way, confirm with an identity card and if he gives it on the Web, send him to court for his act and if he refuses, don't give him anything!Back to the change of versions, if we changed drastically,this would enter the top 3 most popular operating systems,Windows and macOS being above and should makes a huge profit for a long time! I wait your opinions!

Poll - Drastic change
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I know but old versions is isn't based on LTS (means normal)

ZorinOs is based on LTS versions for stability security compatibility and sustainability, While the cutting edge versions have more features, often times these features get dropped, are buggy, or get drastically changed in between the minor changes, making customization such as Zorin group does impossible to maintain. This also causes frustration with the users as features can be dropped even though its the same version ubunbtu may go from 23.04.001 to 23.04.0023 and drop say mouse trails, ZorinOs would still be v17.0 - Where with LTS versions features are generally kept - and the focus is stability and security, also the bugs tend to be ironed out on lts versions.


23.04 is short and unstable. They testing many improvements and ideas. Zorin isn't rolling but LTS stable. Linux is big world with many distributions. Zorin is Zorin with ideas brothers moderators Zorin. They are not Canonical corporation.


Hmm yes but many version is based on GNOME 44!

Absolutely not. Odd versions of Ubuntu are only supported for 9 months. That would be a terrible idea, even if we don't factor in the fact that once it's released the developers of ZorinOS still have to make the required changes based on it. By the time it's released, we'd be having this conversation all over again for the exact same reasons.

So? If you want or need the latest version of software available then using ZorinOS, or just about any other distribution based on Ubuntu, is simply not a good fit for you.

I'd recommend Fedora or a rolling distribution like OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. There are other but these are the ones that I've tried myself and can vouch for.

This already exists in the form of Debian stable, testing, unstable and experimental. Other distributions have similar process to release new versions with new technologies for testing before making them part of the mainstream version, e.g.: Fedora and RedHat.

Linux already is in this top 3 list. Just not on desktop computers. And it doesn't need to be, since there are no shareholders to please at the expense of the community. And that's the entire point of it. The rest of your post simply reads as if you want to turn Linux into Microsoft/Windows... it just doesn't make sense to me.


I'm a guy who likes the new shiney for things regarding my PC and I like to tinker with it. That being said, I really like when things are stable. So, I run Fedora 38 AND, Zorin OS 16.2 Pro. As it stands right now, I live in Zorin. I really like the look and feel of it. I think I'd like to have the most current kernel in it, and I've done that two ways already, only to come back to its base. There were problems. lol.

Anyway, I'm fine, sorta, with Zorin 17 being based on 22.04 if thats the way it turns out. That LTS has been out for a while and has had fixes done since release to ensure stability and reliablity. I used Core for a while before finally purchasing Pro. Even though I do minimal installation, no regrets here. :slight_smile:

Licenses, and activations... If I'm reading this correctly, seems like someone bought Pro then distributed the .ISO out for free on the web. Now thats not cool. Ugh, I don't want a watermark in my linux distros telling me that I shoudl activate it. I can agree with preventing a revenue loss, how to go about doing it is the question. Just my thoughts so far.


There are plenty of cutting edge Linux distributions for those who like or need the latest features or kernel due to new hardware. As a tester of Ubuntu for 13 years I would not consider the interim/October releases for anything other than testing unless your a user that wants to upgrade every 9 months. I did just that for a number of years because I wanted the latest and found out it wasn't the greatest.


They definitely need to stick to an LTS release. They just need to update to the current LTS faster. There is virtually no reason to use Ubuntu and not use the LTS as most software is made for the LTS releases anyway. (Less likely to run into issues)

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