[POLL - Maybe...] Cinnamon Desktop Themes for Zorin

Several Cinnamon D.E. users on Zorin have commented on the lack of uniformity in the theming. This is because Cinnamon is not an offered Desktop that comes with Zorin OS. And ZorinGroup has no obligation to supply any.
I have decided to create some matching Desktop themes for our Cinnamon Zorin OS users.
The question is: What to name them?

The Zorin Themes are owned by Zorin and any complimentary CinnaDesktop theme cannot contain the Zorin name. The Zorin Themes need little introduction; as they are part of Zorin Desktop. However, they come in several colors... So

ZinnaDesk- "Color"?
What are good recognizable names that properly respect the ZorinGroup?

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I asked Google Scholar and it suggested:
"Substantive homogenization in Distinctive Individual Workbench Expression in regards to Specified Operating System nomenclature within the Third Degree."

I find it a little bit too wordy, though.

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Cainéal ?

Means cinnamon in Irish.


I Like that one... If this does become a poll, that'll be first on the list.
Otherwise I will just pick one.

Funny, Cainéal is pretty close to Canelle (Cinnamon in French).

I like the "zinnamon" that French suggested. Could also go with cinnamonZ. Either would recognize both well known names.

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I'm indifferent in this matter. My view on Cinnamon is it's the Linux DE of Windows 95 :stuck_out_tongue:

Starting sound in Cinnamon is way better than Win95 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I liked it so much, I copied it onto XFCE desktop when I was running Mint XFCE.

I like Zinnamon. I will take the bait suggest another: Zorinnamon.

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I like that one but I suspect it cuts a bit too close to the Copyright. :smiley:

I am tempted to make a re-use of Zephyr, as I have pulled that theme down and it is no longer available anyway.


Sounds like a 1950's scifi villain.

"Foo-ul! Bring the subjects to my Laboooritory!"

Especially his cohort CinZor.

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Zorin 1995

/runs away

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Better than Gnome Vista :smiley:




Cannella (Cinnamon in Italian) or Zornella (Zorin Cannella) :thinking:

Cinderella :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 1 and a half suggestions.
cazia (Play on the word casia which means cinnamon in latin)
Zorrito (It means a small Zoro :smiley: )