[POLL] Which version of Zorin OS do you get?

Once both versions are Officially released, the Zorin OS Download Page will include details and screenshots of each. Zorin OS with Gnome is due to be released in about three days.
Zorin OS Lite - release date is unknown at this time but it usually is released within a couple of months of the release of Core and Pro. The Appearance and Themes are remarkably similar between them, though Gnome has the truncated Headerbars /combined with toolbar and a notebook stack instead of a Notebook Window - XFCE has the full window borders with notebook window with titlebar separate from the toolbar.

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Thanks for instant reply. :slight_smile:
Buying pro, we have access to lite also or that doesn't matter as lite is free I think :thinking:

Zorin OS Pro Includes both Zorin OS (Gnome) and Zorin OS Lite (XFCE). They are available with pro but are separate and distinct - you may install one or the other... Or Both on separate partitions. But they are not both included in One Operating System.
Those who choose Zorin OS Pro will receive their copy of Zorin Pro Lite once it is released in a notification email.

Zorin OS Pro Lite includes additional software not included in Zorin OS Lite.


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Old habit I have from Ubuntu Forums :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could buy Zorin OS Pro.
Is it possible to buy via Cryptocurrency?

basically pro version comes with more software, basically software for designers and so.

Basically waiting for pro like a children for ice but sadly not coming 17 august.

Pro gives you additional layouts, a curated set of apps and installation support.

By paying you help the devs earn a living without out them selling your personal data.

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Zorin don't using telemetry?

I think there's an option to send a ping but no data is sent. There's an option in the installer.

Census. When using Zorin OS, your computer may send us a ping which only includes the number of users, an anonymous identifier for the installation, Zorin OEM partner batch (if applicable), and your OS version on an hourly basis. We use this information to count the number of active users of Zorin OS. The identifier is only used for the census (to prevent double-counting) and does not personally identify you unless you (or someone acting on your behalf) discloses it separately. Below is a sample of the contents of the ping:
{id:"68f2d95b-f51f-4a5d-9b48-a99c28691b89", usercount:"1", oembatch:"", version:"15"}

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Básicamente, la versión Pro te da acceso a cuatro personalizaciones de apariencia del escritorio, incluyendo el llamado "modo Windows 11". Además, viene con un buen número de programas preinstalados que son de lo mejor de su categoría.

En realidad, si usas la versión Core y te pones a instalar los programas y prescindes de las personalizaciones del escritorio, no tendrías que gastar nada.

Pero el real beneficio (al menos así lo veo yo) de pagar por una licencia de Zorin OS es que tienes acceso a soporte técnico de la empresa. Eso es poco valorado por quienes ya conocen mejor Linux y Zorin, pero para usuarios nuevos es inmensamente valioso.

why is tax so high ? It will be better to pay those money to Zorin , instead of tax...aahh

nor pol
Anyone can explain why some countries are free tax and another must paying tax for this order?

Different countries have different Tax Laws. Taxes are not a bad thing... It covers roads, medical and infrastructure. Can be annoying to see an Unexpected Cost, though. It's less than a flat tire would unexpectedly hit you with...
Here in the USA, a lot of New Taxes have been added. And the eBay sales now must enforce all state taxes. I imagine that with the trillions going into Covid-19 and its mishandling, everyones taxes are going to climb, too.

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I am confuse. Last time I paying 39Euro

without any tax.

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I am not sure - maybe tax laws have changed for your countries, as well.

Bought like a promise, I will start testing tomorrow and trying installing on external ssd.


Hello Storm, this is a cool pole you started. Even though I am using POP OS 21.04 as my daily driver now, I decided to vote on the pole anyways. This is because, if I were to go back to Zorin OS 16, I would totally go with PRO.

I am a content creator and a gamer, so PRO is where its at. :slightly_smiling_face:

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