[POLL] Which version of Zorin OS do you get?

A little forum survey with the news of Zorin 16 and Zorin 16 Pro release date.

Which version of Zorin OS do you get?
  • Zorin OS 16
  • Zorin 16 Pro

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You mean Ultimate?

No, Pro.


It have been changed.
And in my mind it sounds more Pro with well... Pro :smiley:

Ah, I did not know that. Thanks for the info!


I'm supporting Zorin by buying a license.


cual es la difrencia entre esta dos????

Say Hello to Zorin OS Pro - Zorin Read blog.

Hello all. I understand the Pro version is a similar to the same a version 15.3 Ultimate?
What will be huge diffrents from Zorin OS 16 and Zorin OS 16 Pro?
It will be some code discount for people who bought earlier Ultimate Version or users are long time with Zorin?

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All of these questions are best addressed directly by the ZorinGroup @azorin @zorink


Still in doubt, for support probably pro, but I want minimal Zorin 16. Do we have comparation between Zorin 16 versions, to check which one best suite me.. :slight_smile: in my opinion is better to install needed apps than removing all of them ,hehe

During installation, you can checkmark the box for "Minimal Installation". For Zorin OS Pro users, they would support the project, but not have all the apps that come available with Pro installed using that option.
Alternatively, you can choose Zorin OS Lite or Zorin OS Core and the Donate Button for an amount of your choosing.

Scroll down to Funding:

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Pro sometimes is used in market tricks you believe is better but mostly the parts are the same only some cosmetics design example in audio where using hi-fi or anothers shorts names.
One what I saw what is interesting in Zorin 16 Pro option how to send something to another a computer without copy from a desktop monitor.
It will be great before it will be on market someone from a group team can show this all new funcionality things on some channel youtube.

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Barrier, I think. You can get it with:

sudo apt install barrier

In my line of work, the same Machinery is often stamped "Industrial Grade". Another funny one I see often is "Military Grade." And yes, it means absolutely Nothing At All.

At least with Zorin OS, "Pro" means a bit more. It does come with some very good professional apps and editing, coding and compiling software and IDE's.

Zorin have something what another operating linux don't have. That why he is very interesting.
Da vinci Resolve Studio 17 for free to install on Zorin.

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Linux for everyone did a good video.


Zorin 16 from TechHunt.


Where I can check Zorin os 16 with Gnome and Xfce base, want to see difference and how they looks :slight_smile: