Pop os wont detect my ssd 870 evo

Im new to this and trying to dual boot pop os. I have a fresh 870 evo drive just for this os. When i boot with my usb, and click on fresh install, it detects my d drive(gaming) and c (windows) but for the life of me i cant get it to detect my 870 evo (z drive)

In your BIOS settings, are you set to AHCI or to RAID?

You may also peruse the Pop_OS forums in case others have had and solved that issue.
But with SSD, the above BIOS setting is the first thing to check.

It is set to ahci

So...presuming you have Zorin installed, does Zorin see the second/new 870?

Is the new 870 formatted?

Ok, please see Doc_Willis' comment here;

You did not by chance put the Samsung Magician or Migration software on the SSD did you?

Format the drive in Windows, also be sure you did not install the raid mode using that intel tool under windows. My 980 nvme, 960 QVO SSd both work under Pop! OS 22.04.

Also do a firmware update using samsungs magician tool.

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