Popping And Cracking while playing any kind of sound

First time user here Installed it Loved it.... for 2 minutes. When I try to play any kind of sound either in youtube or games or discord there is some kind of cracking noise. If there's audio playing I hear a pop every 2 seconds and after the audio stops I hear static. I tried disabling pulseaudio's power saving, tried to increase bitrate and some other things that I forgot.

Pc Specs:
Ryzen 5 3500x 6 core
Gigabyte B450M s2h v2
Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super
James Donkey 711 7.1 Headphones Connected Through Front USB connector

Edit: The Headphones work fine in windows also I tried regular speakers they work fine in linux too

Hi and welcome to the forum. I see you have Z16 Core.

To be clear, your problem is USB connected headphones only?

Did you try another USB port?

What sound card do you have?

Sorry For the extremely late response had few exams

Yes It only happens on USB connected headphones. Tried 3.5mm front and back jacks they are fine, Speakers connected to my monitor which is connected to the back HDMI port, They are fine too. but my usb headphones are popping
Yes Tried both front and back usb ports

I don't have a dedicated sound card, just the onboard dac on my b450m motherboard

Just done a websearch using "USB headphone pop click Ubuntu 20.04"

[EDIT] and

I think it is the same solution.


I can't thank you enough I'm stupid. I've tried these exact threads to no result but being exam stressed me I forgot to remove the semicolon Thank you for your time

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