Popup password window focus

I Like Zorin so far.

Encountered this though.
While importing my gpg keys from another computer, and being prompted for the rather long password I have for secret-gpg-keys, I am unable to alt-tab to another open window.

In other desktop environments, I am able to alt-tab to another open window, in this case my password manager, so to copy the password for pasting after returning to the open password popup window again using alt-tab.

I use the shortcut of alt-tab but in this case it's not solely the shortcut, but rather I'm unable to navigate away from that password popup at all.

This is NOT the biggest thing in the world but would be interesting to know what's behind that behavior.

Maybe this will help: How to add "Spatial Window Switcher" to keyboard shortcut


Does the popup look something like this, with a blurred background?


If so, I don't think it's possible to focus away to any other window.

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