Posting in forum with editor

been searching site for an explanation of what the editor (or whatever it's called) options mean but can't find anything.
most all of them i know but what i'm looking for is if i want to type a code /command ,i don't see what to use ?
the "blockquote" ("), what does it do ?
the preformatted text (</>), what does it do ?
how does it display in one's post ?
there's no preview available from what i can see.

the "editor" i'm meaning is this

From left to right:

  1. The Speech Bubble
    You can quote the whole Comment:
  1. the B
    Example: It makes Words bold.

  2. the I
    Example: It makes Words italic.

  3. The Chain
    Example. With that You can create Links.

  4. Blockquote

Example: It makes these kind of Quotations

  1. Formating Text
    Example. It formats the Text directly and not in an extra Field like the One before.

7 is for integrating Pictures. 8 and 9 are for different kind of Lists. 10 lets You choose Emoji's. With 11 You can add Date/Clock. 12 let You add GIF's. And the Gear Icon give You some Tools like adding a Chart.

When You go with the Mouse Cursor over one of the Symbols and hold it there, You get a short Description for each Icon, too:
Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-06-15 18-52-51


Also, the space next to the editor shows a preview of your post, including formatting, as you type.

Code blocks support language-specific syntax highlighting:

p {
    font-family: Bookerly, serif;
print('Hello, world!')

And pretty links, too, like this one to the Markdown guide for more tips on formatting.

you can also
do tables too
which is neat

For images, you can just paste into the editor if you have one on your clipboard, such as a screenshot you've just taken:

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i see now

how to use it


sorry i was used to ubuntu forums where the edit tools looks bit different


mmm still need to practice the thanks

ok no wait , got it


PS: from what i see if one wants to post a command that one can just copy by pressing the copy icon in top right of command box (when mouse hovers in box), you have to use the back quote key on keyboard like this ...
3 clicks on back quote - enter - "the command" - enter - 3 clicks on back quote

sudo apt update

am i getting it correct ?

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Yes, that's correct.

You can use single back quotes for inline code, handy for emphasising short commands or filepaths or technical terms, but it doesn't give you a copy button or allow for syntax highlighting.

`this` = this

If you want syntax highlighting or the copy button, use a code block. This behaves as a paragraph, i.e. not inline within a sentence, and uses three back quotes. Adding the correct language reference immediately after the first 3 back quotes allows you to change the syntax highlighting schema appropriately.

p {
font-family: Bookerly, serif;

p {
    font-family: Bookerly, serif;

To prevent characters like ` and _ from formatting text, put a \ before them like this:

Fun fact: I put a \ before the = sign between those two code blocks because it is also a formatting character that turns the text immediately above it into a heading like this:

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish