Potential for long-life Zorin Desktop PCs

Byte already exists for desktop PCs powered by Zorin OS, but it is not an attractive product for me for the following reasons.

  • Over performance.
  • Low cost performance.
  • Since the platform is for mobile devices, it seems to lack maintainability.

I consider desktop platform PCs to be more maintainable and can be used for a longer life time than laptops. For examble, with MIni-ITX, a small enough PC can be built on a desktop platform.

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What I miss about my gaming desktop is the ability to just open it anytime and tweek or change out components ..... as I built my last one myself I new her like the back of my hand .... but within 6 months it was obsolete and to be on the cutting edge would need to be up graded ..... that is why I bought something I couldn't get into by just removing a couple of thumb screws .... but I do miss the beastie ..... :thinking:

Anyway my Asus ROG 17in might just as well be a desktop cause it never goes off the table and stays plugged in all the time .... :grinning:

If I were to buy one I'd choose MX-Linux wildflower KDE.

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I saw Garuda KDE it is nice beautifull.
Liked xfce but all going with gnome.

You could buy a system76 desktop, or purism and install ZorinOS or Dell & HP desktops (look for any of their desktops with Ubuntu support). Or system76/framework for a laptop.

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There are no Linux PCs like System76 available in my country, and I am uneasy about Dell and HP because they are too cheap.

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Fair Enough.


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