Potential Zorin OS convert - have some questions first, though

Hi to everyone:

I am very seriously considering making a complete switch from Windows to Zorin OS.

(Earlier, I tried Mint via a live USB - did NOT like it. Loved Zorin, though.)

I have some questions, though. Thank you so much in advance to whoever responds. Read on:

  1. Stupid question - when you position a program window in Zorin OS, does Zorin remember it?

(I am asking because in Linux, it seems like not remembering window positions is an issue ... )

  1. How is gaming on Zorin OS? I have a Xbox controller (for Windows); will Zorin recognize it?

  2. When I tested the live USB, I didn't see a huge number of pre-installed apps (unlike in Mint).

Does Zorin have apps like VLC ready to go for media files, etc.? (If not, it's not a dealbreaker.)

  1. I downloaded the .deb file for Vivaldi browser (as a test) while using the live USB for Zorin OS.

Installation of Vivaldi was very easy. It was like installing a Windows .exe file. Again, very easy.

My question is, is it this easy to install non-store apps? Installing apps on Linux has come a long way.

  1. Suppose I start with the "regular" version of Zorin OS. Can I upgrade to the "pro" version anytime?

Also, if I switch and I go "pro," can I downgrade effortlessly to the next non-pro version of Zorin OS?

Or am I stuck with the "pro" variant of Zorin without having to do a reinstall? Am I missing something?

  1. I have already ordered a Wi-Fi USB adapter in anticipation of switching to Zorin. It will come soon.

My question is, are there any Wi-Fi USB adapters that are truly "plug-n-play" for Zorin OS? Which ones?

(The Wi-Fi USB adapter I ordered hopefully should "just" work with Zorin - we'll see ... )

(The kind I ordered is: BrosTrend 650Mbps Linux Compatible Wi-Fi Adapter - it's on Amazon.)

I think that's all. I will check back here later to see if there are any responses.

Again, thank you so much.

Welcome! :smile:

  1. Window placement I'm sure can be changed, but by default - centered when apps are opened.

  2. Gaming - will have to let others take that one but, for me Halo Infinite worked pretty well on my Asus ZenBook; Steam and all! And of course, Wine for my older Win games (Diablo 1/2, Warcraft 3, Rogue Spear, etc.).

  3. When you install, there will be much more. Live is for installing / testing. Unless I'm wrong, but there should be more apps when installed vs Live. And if not - free software! Software Center takes care of a lot :wink:

  4. Normally, you can grab the .deb package of apps - so as easy as Vivaldi. Some are install.sh which can be executed like an exe or ran from terminal (my preferred method).

  5. That would not know - running Core myself. Looking into Pro 17 though :sunglasses: But, I'm not sure if it would be an 'upgrade' per say, like with Win - or just a reinstall with the Pro version.

  6. That shouldn't be an issue - do you not have an internal WiFi device? Some still need some drivers installed but, really haven't seen too many devices that just didn't work. And if not certain, look up your WiFi device and Ubuntu support (16.3 is built with 20.04 - 17 is built with 22.04). I can take a look at some things - do you know which model number for that USB WiFi adapter?

It's a big change, for sure. It took me a while to move completely away from Windows - I still have it on some devices but mostly use Zorin / Mint. Make backups!! If you don't like Zorin for whatever reason and prefer to go back - you won't have lost data! I think you'll like Zorin though! I've been using it for the last 3yrs now - hardly even go into my Windows partition anymore :wink:

(edit) Forgot! Everyone here on the forums are awesome - don't be afraid to ask anything. Lots of good brains!! :grin:

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Generally, yes. I use Zorin OS Lite and this question has been asked, though rarely.
On Lite, the window memory is part of the window manager.
On Zorin OS Core (using Gnome), this is slightly different. Gnome can remember to position windows based on a setting that you give it, but generally leaves Window Size and Position memory up to the app developer to include in the app.
So for many, what they experience is that many apps will remember, but not all on the Gnome desktop.

The Xbox controller can be made recognizable by installing xpadneo - which is how I do it.
Some users prefer xboxdrv instead of xpad. I have had no issues with xpad, so can only recommend you test them both out and choose which works for you.

Yes, though it does not include VLC by default. VLC has some stability and security concerns so Zorin OS includes a more stable media player.

Yes, it most often is.
I recommend bookmarking pkgs.org and using it in order to find .deb packages needed for dependencies.
And in general, if looking for a package to install using the web, include the 'deb extension. For example, run your search for "Example software *.deb"

I also recommend using Synaptic package manager for a software manager since it can reach beyond the scope of the included Software Store.

Yes, Zorin OS includes a Direct Upgrade tool installed and ready to use.

I am not sure I understand this question. IF you mean for the next Release of Zorin OS (Like 16 to 17 or 17 to 18), then yes, you can perform a direct upgrade to the next free version without having to buy Pro again.

Yes. I would have to look up which ones, but a large number of them are. Many users have posted recommendations of Wifi USB adapters on the forum that may be searchable.


No on core Yes on lite

Zorin has vlc in repo

This is highly subjective and depends on the user. Generally If you are comfortable with the terminal, Most things would be easy. Although the software center will have most of what you need.

This is the default behavior (I guess).As you need to pay for the next pro version so when you upgrade to Zos17 by default you'll be on non-pro version and you can upgrade to pro, so no reinstalling required.

It lists Zorin as supported.
In general Linux compatible devises are distro agnostic as it depends on the kernel

Is why I asked, there's a few models listed but not sure which would be it. Says for some models kernel 6.2 and up should have them included.

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First thing, be sure to install Tweaks, Extension Manager and Nautilus Admin (gives you a right-click option to open files and folders as root).

sudo apt install nautilus-admin

I highly recommend Pinta for light photo editing.

To find anything quickly, just hit the L-Super (Windows) key and type the first couple of letters. Most people don't have a right Windows key but you can use Tweaks to make R-Ctrl the Super key (switch to R Windows key, then swap R Windows and R-Ctrl).

Also recommend you turn on the Workspace Indicator extension to quickly scroll thru workspaces.

Also get Clipboard Indicator.


Thank you so much to everyone. Very helpful.


Thank you!

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