Pre-installed apps

How are apps selected to be included, e.g. LibreOffice, (or not, e.g. Dayon!) as pre-installed in Zorin?

Is there a committee deciding, or a voting by users, or what?

I would like to propose an app to be included in future realeases.

The bundled apps are chosen by the devs alone according to the edition of ZorinOS e.g. Core, Lite, Pro, Education.
Pro is the most comprehensive bundle and Education is loaded with many educational apps.
Core and Lite are less populated, but little difference between Core and Lite. The difference there is the desktop environment used e.g. Core=gnome, Lite=xfce.
If you wish to propose an app, you could mention it by posting in the forum "Feedback" section. The devs may possibly take note of it there if there is a demand for it.

The apps on Core and Lite have been "pruned" from what used to be bundled due to overwhelming feedback to have a minimalistic install which makes sense as it leads to faster installs and reduces the amount of post-install updates. In terms of Office Suites, I would like to see FreeOffice available in Software which is what Antix has in its additional softwares element. In respect of LibreOffice, it supports more languages than even MS Office so it makes sense to include LibreOffice as the default Office Suite.

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