Premium Hard Disk 🖴⭐😂

I knew that with Zorin I could improve my laptop but I didn't know that I'd have supercharged my Hard Disk :rofl:, it has 320 GB but all Zorin folders contain 140,8 TB :star_struck:.

Most be a typo of some sort.

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Suggest performing a battery of tests on the drive and a S.M.A.R.T. test right away.

That is not a good sign.


Do I have to run a command on the terminal or use a software? I searched on Software Center but I couldn't find anything for this :frowning_face:.

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These :point_down: are the pre-failed ones:
Incorrect reading rate (ID 1)
Rotation time (ID 3)
Relocated sector count (ID 5)
Self-evaluation didn't passed while Overall evaluation is OK. And sorry if some words are different, sometimes I have to use DeepL to translate certain ones :grin:

I uhhh... must recommend frequent back ups and begin planning on buying a replacement drive.
Relocation Sectors is a bad sign.
And so is a misreading of the drive capacity. To be blunt - Every single time I ever saw a drive with a capacity in the gigabytes range suddenly read as being over a terabyte - the drive failed either immediately or shortly after.

I could be wrong.
But- be safe.


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