Pressing a key sometimes makes it stick

When I press a key, it'll sometimes stay held down. For example, if I type ctrl+z, the command will register, but I'll also end up typing "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" and have to delete it. I don't have sticky keys enabled. This wasn't an issue on Windows, so I don't think it's a hardware issue either.

Holding a key down a certain length of time can Enable Sticky Keys (A feature I loathe). The first thing I do is disable it completely, since I am notorious for getting lost in thought and holding a key down.

I followed the instructions in the link you posted, but I'm still having the issue.

Let's try checking Settings > accessibility > typing > repeat keys

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My settings window only has a sticky keys option, but it's been turned off for a while now.

I wonder if it is a Fluke that it has not happened on Windows.

You might try cleaning the physical keyboard. I have had this happen to me before and I was sure it was not the keyboard. Until I cleaned it and the problem went away.

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I guess you could try a different keyboard, to prove or disprove the jam/honey/peanutbutter key stiction theory.


Ok, I guess I'll look into it some more on my own

Do you have ZorinOS Live USB?
If so run "Try ZorinOS" from that. See if keys stick from that session.

Just to test, open Settings > Region & Language > click the eye button on your input source > test your keys. If not available, since I have Core and you Lite, you can test your keyboard inputs on an online keyboard inputs tests tool. In both cases, you can have a visual feedback of your inputs.

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