Preview thumbnails in nemo for video not working(zorin lite)

I'm using nemo file manger in zorin lite, i have the problem of previewing thumbnails for files not working, I have searched for that and i found way(edit,performance,preview,show thumbnails for file similar than...)to solve that for all files(doc,pic,etc) put it's not working for videos. Is there way to solve that for videos

Hey @eid !

Have you tried what's mentioned in Why I can't see the thumbnails in Nautilus? - Ask Ubuntu (increasing maximum file size for generating thumbnails)? What video file extensions are we talking about?

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I'm using zorin lite, the default nautilus is thunar,I haven't face that problem with thunar , it's working very good , but i'm using nemo fm as the default, I have increased maximum file size for generating thumbnails in setting of nemo ,but that worked good for other type of files like docs and pics etc but that not worked with vedios. all extension is mp4 in my pc

it's working good now after I have installed ffmpegthumbnailer

sudo apt install ffmpegthumbnailer


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