Primary Screen not showing task bar


We have a VirtualBox installed on 16.3 Z Pro and for some strange reason the Primary Screen doesn't show the lower Task Bar or any links at all.

The VB system is all fine but I can't access the Primary OS except through the top left multiple screen options where I can see and open all the open tabs.

How can I get the TaskBar back?



Could you please clarify this, I'm not sure I understand the issue properly. Is ZorinOS running inside the virtual machine or is it the other way around (or both)? Is the problem that VirtualBox runs on full screen mode? Typically you would have a toggle in one edge of the screen to handle the Virtual Box window, including it's size.

If you've set your ZorinOS taskbar to use Intellihide, you can bring it up by pressing Super+I (although this shortcut will be captured by VirtualBox, so if you are trying to access the taskbar from the underlying operating system it won't work).

Sorry if it wasn't explianed clearly.

I have Zorin 16.3 Pro + all updates (Primary) installed and inside that I have VirtualBox with Zorin 16.3 Lite + update.

I usually see the Primary screen with the Taskbar at bottom soI can access all of the apps I need there.

There is a VB panel that comes up to log into the VB Zorin. Once I do this I have like a duplicate screen with the Taskbar at bottom for all the VB apps I need.

At the moment I see all the VB screen etc okay but only see the screen picture of the Primary Zorin, no Taskbar there.

When I use the top left button to see all open apps, I see all the Primary apps, so they are all okay, just I cannot get to them via the Taskbar.

Hope that is better.


The VirtualBox environment has the taskbar and your primary Zorin Pro loses the Taskbar when VB is running?

I would try disabling the gnome-shell-extensions-zorin-taskbar.
This provides the right click settings to the Gnome panel (taskbar) and disabling it will not remove the panel, only the right click menu for it.

Test if running with the extension disabled still results in the panel disappearing when you run the virtualbox environment.

Thank you guys.. I didn't have to do anything because for some strange reason, the next morning when I logged on, it was all okay.
Maybe I accidently hit a key or something like that.
Thanks anyway. All good.

BTW. I load all updates daily and was wondering if what I see now with 16.3 +, is the same as if I installed 17 ?

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