Print many photos on the same sheet in Zorin

In Windows, you can print many photos on the same sheet, and I do not find this feature in this system. Please help

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What program are you using to assemble and print the pictures? This is dependant on what software because the software developers are responsible for adding common features, not the OS.


I have used more than one of the system programs and I do not see this feature in it. I suggest that you should find an alternative to this feature because it is very easy in Windows (I am new, it may exist and I do not know. Please clarify about a program to use)

Went looking for it, didn't find it in Synaptic. Gthumb has a contact sheet feature, but I can't get it to work on my system but might be worth a shot.

You find the Terminal Codes to Install the application you want on the Web.

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Tried it, no luck. Missing Repo?

$ sudo apt-get install gnome-photo-printer
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package gnome-photo-printer

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The Repository may be Down or Removed, I Gave This a Try and it worked for me well.
When in shotwell, highlight the images that you want to print, or Ctrl click on the images that you want to print, and then click on File --> Print

enter image description here

Click on the Image Settings tab --> click on Autosize, choose the number of images per sheet, and then click print.

enter image description here


See, there is no printing option. When I select one or more images, I need to open it using the image viewer or other available programs, but the image is opened individually.

Please clarify, I'm new to the system and I can't deal with orders

Please clarify, I'm new to the system and I can't deal with the terminal

Well, the good news is that in Shotwell I can vary the number of pages to print per side. Looks line the screen shot posted earlier is specific to a given printer. The bad news is that nothing prints! Just a blank page.

I've had success with the application Gthumb, under the tools menu item (wrench icon), you can choose the contact sheet icon. Just be sure to choose a theme or nothing will happen. You can configure the layout and captioning and create a jpeg file that you can print out.

Hope this helps


Thank you, it showed me what I want, but when I press print or preview, the application exits suddenly, I think it is a glitch

Printing and previewing is broken, but you can save the file and print out of something like image viewer, which I believe is the default in Zorin. It prints fine.

I installed Shotwell from Software Store. In Print settings It did not show "Image Settings" that I had expected. Tried on 2 desktops. I uninstalled that and re-installed via Synaptic and in Print settings it showed Autosize > number of images/page. And it printed out exactly as wanted with two different printers.

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