Printer Brother MFC-L8600 not printing

I am using Zorin 16.3. If I have omitted any info please let me know.

I have just installed the Brother printer drivers from the Brother website for the Brother printer model MFC-L8600:
my brother printer model

everything went well until I got to the question of do you want to specify the device URI? with 2 options, one for USB users choose no and for network users choose yes and device URI number, I unfortunately chose no. If I remember correctly choosing yes gives you a numbered list from which you can enter your IP address. I didn't remember this choice and now the printer is not printing anything, it is hanging at a test page print. I finished the installation with no problems except for the above.

How can I revert the installation of the Brother printer drivers so I can choose the correct choice under the installation tool instructions?

Or is there another way?
Thanks for any insight...

I would delete the install and start fresh.

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In Zorin 17 you can change it in settings afterwards, I maybe it is like that in Zorin 16.3 also? In Zorin 17 I go to "Settings" - "Printers", then under my printer listing I click on "Additional Printer Settings...", then in new window right click on my printer icon and click "Properties", and there you can click "Change..." at "Device URI", here is a image:

And then you have "Enter URI" among other things you can change:

I think all you need to do is on the "Settings" - "Printers" click on the gears icon and then "Remove Printer", and then you can run your setup steps in terminal again:


@ERZ thank you for your reply. One of my questions above was how to uninstall the drivers so I can go through the installation again. I don't know yet how to uninstall the Brother printer drivers.

@emit thanks for your help. Before I remove the printer, I have the following questions:

I am used to entering the IP address for the printer. What is an URI? what do I enter there when I get to the Select Device ---- Enter URI.

Second question:

do you think that if I remove the printer under Settings --- Printers, will it remove the .deb packages I installed from the Brother website or how do I go about removing those packages so I can run the install again?

I am still learning....

I am going to mark this as solved. Thank you @emit. You led me in the right direction. I will later come back and post what I did to solve it. Got to go.

Thank you both @emit and @ERZ .

This CUPS page might help you:


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I don't think removing printer under "Settings" - "Printer" will remove any packages, but I think it is helpful to remove before installing it again, so that there is only one printer icon in the settings.

Regarding your questions, I am not sure. Personally i just followed the Zorin guide for Brother printers at Printers and Scanners - Zorin Help - but I did had to fiddle a little with the settings in Zorin Menu" - "Settings" - "Printers" - “Additional Printer Settings…” - "Properties", among others I needed to change it to be "Network printer".

I am sorry I can't be of much help. Maybe it is best to remove the "Solution" on my reply, so that it is bigger chances that others with better knowledge can give you better answers.

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thanks for your help and that link, I have it bookmarked now. As it turned out the solution was much simpler that I though. Below I will explain what I did.

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As it turned out, I did not remove the printer or any of the drivers. Your printer pictures reminded me of being able to change settings on the printer I had already installed. I went back to Printers and right clicked on the additional printer settings button and then right clicked on the printer icon that showed up. Under properties I changed the settings under Settings and Device URI, hit the change button and
went down under Network Printer on left, clicked the ipp option and filled out the URI with:

ipp://<IP address of printer>:631/binary_p1

where you enter your IP address after the ipp:// part and before :631
after I did that, my printer drivers where recognized and I was able to print a test page with good results.

But next time, I will know to answer yes when the Brother Printer installer tool asks if I want use the network option. Thanks again for your help, and I hope this post is not as clear as mud :slight_smile:


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