Printer Disconnecting

I have a Brother DCP T500W that just recently started randomly disconnecting .... restarting or start up does not reinstall it however when I start up each morning the printer is there in the task bar .... I searched the board for Printer Disconnects and got nothing .... searched Printer and got a bunch of posts from soup to nuts and quite honestly after reading the first 15 posts I don't have time to decipher all the printer posts ....

I managed to reinstall it somehow by playing around with the various settings that kept popping up during my trouble shooting .... just lucky I guess

Anyway my question is what I found is that I am using 3.0 CUPS apt I guess to run my printer .... which by the way is a WiFi printer .... is there a better program to use ?????? I see CUPS is not supported any more .... also why are my Brother drivers not being used ..... would that eliminate the problem ....

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Where in the world did you find drivers for Brother written in .deb ..... I searched the Brother website and only saw drivers in .exe ...... great find .... you made my day .... thank you .... I bookmarked that website in my browser ....

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I struggled, too, actually. On their website, it did not seem to like your model number.
So, I then turned to google - and it led to the right place. Very strange...

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Don't feel bad that happens to me every time I go to their site ..... I usually have to start out looking at the pictures and choosing from one of them .... that is why I'm a bit leery about downloading drivers and updates from them as I downloaded a firmware from the back about 2 years ago and it killed my original extra's program for all kinds of customization's and they have now discontinued that program ..... what a bummer ...

By the way you did choose the correct page for me to download from I'm going to wait until the next time it disconnects before I make any changes .... but now I have a back up plan ....

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@Frog - since I changed the category, could I bother you to mark Printer Disconnecting - #2 by Aravisian as the solution? Thanks.

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@Aravisian When Frog asked you how you found that file, this should have been your response. :grin:

Detailed Files GIF

When in doubt, DEB, that's what I always say. :+1:


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