Printer driver not found

Just loaded Zorin 15 Core for the first time, after windows 7, no printer drivers available! tried the list not there, the printer is an HP colour laser MFP 178NW on wireless, it finds the printer but no drivers.
Any help would be great, but please keep it simple, for a simple mind!
Just one other thing, is the rubbish bin viewable?
Thanks, Barry.

@trebby91 Hi and welcome to the forum.
Z15 is based on Ubuntu 18.04. A websearch of "MFP 178NW ubuntu 18.04" comes up with this, which may help.

I do not have a HP Printer myself, but believe you have to have HPLIP installed to use them on Zorin.

If you click on the desktop Rubbish Bin icon it should show the contents (if any).

Thanks for the reply, err.... how do I load HPLIP? I am clueless.
There is no icon for the bin on the desktop but I have found it listed in "Home"

Like I said, I do not have a HP Printer, so have no experience of HPLIP myself.
There may be others on here who have installed HPLIP, you could do a forum search.

The HPLIP software can be found here. hp's Developer Portal | HP Linux Imaging and Printing

However, there is a snag, your specific printer is not listed in the database. There may be a workround. See:

I do not have the same model HP but I found you can download a driver for this printer here:

Select Ubuntu as your OS (which Zorin is based upon).
You will get
in your Downloads directory.

Uncompressing it will give you a directory called

Within this directory, you will find driver installation script:

I am afraid there is no way to do this operation from GUI.

You have to open terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T), drag and drop this particular file in it.

You should be see something like this:
$ '/home/[your username]/Downloads/uld/'

Move the cursor and add
sudo bash
at the beginning of the line.

$ sudo bash '/home/[your user name]/Downloads/uld/'

Hit return key and it should initiate the installation process after you enter your login password.