Printer functionality with PDF Viewers Z16 Pro

Actually yes, but in the meantime I have rebuilt the system to be able to work cleanly (Only with Zorin Pro).
The problem with printing seems to be a problem with the PDF viewer. With "Okular" the print worked.
I don't use the Acrobat Reader anymore, because the version is too old anyway. I now use Master PDF.
Manjaro is no longer in the selection, because too buggy.

@Marcellot , I listed the original topic in Feedback in hopes that your experiences can help the ZorinGroup to examine Zorin for any potential changes.

In the meantime, I moved this post into a new troubleshooting thread so you can get some insight into your Printer functionality.
Can you please offer the Specs of your Printer that you are using on Zorin OS Pro.

I found out what the problem was. It was not the printer driver but the PDF viewer that was causing problems. With okular everything works correctly.
The printer:
HP Color Laserjet MFP_M281fdw

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