Printer no test page success

Processing - Unable to connect to CIFS h

Printer installed it says but does not print. Printer is on windows network.

What is the make and model of the printer? What, if any, steps have you taken so far? Have you installed any drivers or performed any other troubleshooting?

Idle - Rendering completed

It didn't ask to install drivers?

This looks more like the printer did not connect to the network.

Can you try launching Printers from the App menu and re-add the printer, then test trying a print test page.

Yes, I don't know how to add the windows network yet. I am waiting on a new NAS unit this week.

I am not sure either, since I am not currently using Windows.
You may find some help here:

Or another knowledgeable member of this forum.

I used "Wine" and accessed the windows network PC with the printer attached. It has printed the test page. Thanx for help.

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