Printing problemas

I have a problem with the printer.
Is there any way to prevent the system from recognizing it automatically to install the drivers manually?
Thank you very much

For some time now, the Linux kernel can recognise what printer you have attached to the printer and will normally correctly identify the make and model. However this is a 'driverless' printer which means it will not print!
It would help first of all if you could tell us the make and model of your printer.

The printer is Epson L495.
I understand that Linux Mint stopped using this system due to problems generated. Moreover, in Linux Mint I can use the drivers available on the Epson site and manually install the printer.
Would it be possible to disable the automatic recognition?
It's not that the system doesn't recognize the printer, it does, however I can't print in Libreoffice, it does when I use Okular.
Thank you very much.

Try this - no guarantees!

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