Printing to windows 10/11 PC shared printer

The version I have down loaded and paid for "Pro" will do every thing I need except print to a shared printer on my home network. To be clear the printer is shared from a Win 10 PC with all other networked Win PCs 10 & 11 being able to print to it. I am a novice with Linux and if I can solve this issue I'll be a convert.
Please help.


Welcome To Zorin OS 16! And I thank you for supporting the dev's in purchasing PRO, you are stellar! :star2:

In order to print to a printer, you must first add the printer to your operating system, this is easy to do however...

Click on the Zorin :zorin: icon. Click on settings. Scroll down till you see Printers, and click on that.

Then you just need to click on ADD to add a printer. If the printer is indeed on your network, then Zorin should be able to pick it up fairly quickly.

Once the printer is setup, then all you have to do is go into whatever APP you are trying to print from, and make sure that the printer is selected in the app to print from. Very simple and very easy to do.


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