Prioritizing Mental Health/Well-being Online

Dear Forum Members,

We greatly appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm with which many of you contribute to this community. Your assistance and engagement play a vital role in making this forum a valuable resource for everyone.

We also understand that online interactions, even in the most respectful environments, can sometimes become overwhelming or stressful. We want to remind all members, including our incredible moderators, to prioritize their well-being.

If you ever find yourself feeling bothered, frustrated, or stressed during forum discussions, it's essential to take steps to maintain your mental and emotional health.

Here's some suggestions that may help:

Take Time Offline:
If a discussion becomes too taxing, step away from the forum and take a break. Spending time offline can help you regain perspective and manage stress effectively.

Remember to eat well, get regular exercise, and engage in activities you enjoy. Hobbies, gardening, or simply taking a walk can help relieve stress.

Connect with Loved Ones:
Family and friends can provide valuable support. Don't hesitate to reach out when you need to talk or seek comfort.

Prioritize Mental Health:
Your mental health should always come first. If you find the forum discussions are affecting your mood or well-being, it's entirely okay to take a step back.

Flagging Posts:
If you come across a post that you believe is inappropriate or violates forum guidelines, please flag it. Flagging helps us maintain a healthy and respectful environment for all members. Don't worry about making a mistake; we can always address it.

Your well-being is our priority, and we value every member's contribution to our community. Let's continue to maintain a supportive and positive atmosphere where we can all learn and grow together.

Take care, stay safe, and remember that your mental health is of the utmost importance.

Warm regards,

Zorin forum community.


Well said, I'm a strong sort of person but some Linux groups/forums are the most toxic I have encountered, pleased to say though not on here, so well done everyone for that.


The release of Zorin 17 appears to have increased the burden of user support on the community. Do our community suffered from fatigue? The chat and humor are less and less, and I feel lonely.

This is not a good sign.

It's pretty normal that following a major release, things get busy for a while until cooling down as issues are resolved and these solutions help others searches, patches are released and drivers update.

Fatigue is a very real thing. But just because a person may be having a busy week does not mean they have fatigue. It's a matter of time management. I have experienced forum fatigue here on the Zorin Forum and vanished into the aether for a few months at a time.
If you have fatigue from a project - You Have No Doubt In Your Mind as to what it is.
And being tired one day ain't it. :wink:

While this forum represents Zorin OS and provides a helpdesk for Zorin OS related issues; in order to maintain user interest and helpfulness, it must be more than just a dry and dusty service desk.
It must be cheerful, welcoming and friendly. To this end, avoiding contentious off-topic discussions becomes better for the forum. But in this, users can feel uncertain about what can and what should not be discussed.
While on-topic discussions are healthy, it cannot be solely delegated to users only talking exclusively about Zorin OS all day long.

As the O.P. points out, maintaining a healthy life balance can go a very long way toward Internet time balance.

But I, for one, have not lost my sense of humor... A fact of which those nearest to me are doomed to eternal suffering.


Was "Dad's Army" (BBC TV) ever televised in USA?


Yes... along with "Allo, Allo" and "Are you being Served" and "Grace & Favour".
I grew up on the stuff. :expressionless:


I got no fatique, just quite busy at the moment :slight_smile:

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I don't know if the days of rain we are suffering is heading towards Denmark. If so you may wish to quickly build an Ark.


We'll get hit by a storm tomorrow, if that's you mean :slight_smile:

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How about expanding the official Zorin team to share the workload?
I mean Zorin is quite popular (Top 10/15 on Distrowatch).
I think a team of devs and support should be in place once a distro steps up the ladder...


I just had to take a break off of my online routine; it feels good to do that from time to time. Luckily, a lot of the issues that I've seen around are a bit above my skill-level and couldn't do much to help out anyway :smiley:

I've dropped out of a few forums/communities precisely because of this toxic behavior. Not always Linux- or even tech-related, but it's true that for some reason there's seems to be a lot of irritable people around these circles.

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Not only Distro's. Desktop Environments too.

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To relax a little bit by Stress I like to hear good Music. A current Favorite of me is this here (I recommend Headphones):

At the first Moment You could think ''How is this relaxing?'' but it works good. After the Song you will feel fresh and relaxed.


WOW just wow!

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I stayed away from the forum not too long ago because I was trying to get too involved with others and it seemed like an anomaly to me. A lot seems to have happened in the meantime, but the forum appears to be at peace now. Is that really true, or is it my mentality that has become at peace?


Welcome back,, good to hear your rested.
Glad to see you back.
Yes taking time away from anything that is constant, can bring great benefits to your health & outlook on thing's. Correct, even attitude's change & one's perspective.

Remember your help is greatly appreciated, but your health/family comes first.

Tc,Ss. (Take care, Stay safe).